Our focus is geared towards new-age businesses!

  • Speciality polymers

  • Health & Wellness

  • Healthcare & Medical Science

  • IT and New-age Tech Services

  • Clean tech

  • Real Estate and Warehousing

Speciality polymers

We have pioneered the domain of plastics and packaging for over 40 years, now we want extend our reach to new discoveries and applications in polymers and the ecosystem that surrounds it. We are interested in opportunities in the field of bio-degradable material, bioplastics and additives that help the 100% composting of plastic.

Health & Wellness

Health, wellness and happiness have become priorities to Indians. Newer generations are releasing the importance of being fit, both mentally and physically, as well as the need to live healthier lifestyles, in terms what they eat and how they work. Our goal is to build a centre for wellness where everyone can achieve mental and physical well-being, supported by the right kind of nutrition, regulated exercise regimes, and a variety of health programmes, all under the guidance of expert trainers and specialists.

Healthcare and Medical Sciences

India, with easy access to raw materials, its huge pool of skilled talent and cost efficient manufacturing processes, is a prime place for businesses to drive a positive change in the healthcare sector. The changing mind set of Indian consumers in terms of their health and life choices, also makes this industry an extremely lucrative space. With that in mind, as well as our 4 decades of expertise in manufacturing, we want to help enrich the medical care industry with the most cutting-edge in precision devices, healthcare systems and medical technology.

IT and New-age Tech Services

With digital transformations, internet databases and faster e-communication services, there is an exponential need for organisations that solve complex problems with Apps, Artificial Intelligence and IoT Devices. We, at Manjushree are interested to invest and partner with such companies, and help enable new breakthrough technologies in the ICT and e-mobility sectors, with our vast resources.

Clean tech

Clean Technology is an extremely important aspect of development in today's world. At Manjushree, our focus is on recycling plastic, smart renewable energy solutions and water management systems. We have multiple projects revolving around clean technology in the works, and are always interested in investing and partnering businesses that thrive in this ecosystem.

Real Estate and Warehousing

Manjushree Ventures operates multiple state-of-the-art warehouses for storage, manufacturing and contract research. These large-scale warehouses were created to suit the needs of multinational conglomerates; equipped with office spaces and R & D lab spaces, designed to fit any requirement necessary. As our organisation diversifies its interests into different industries, we want to collaborate with companies as co-manufacturing partners or support businesses with their ventures in India. We also want to join forces with organisations with new-age ideas and innovations, in the warehousing space.